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Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning in Rockingham

AAPL air conditioning can help you keep comfortable in your Perth or Rockingham home with a reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system and you can be assured it will be designed and installed to the highest standard. The indoor unit is concealed in your roof space and ducted to your rooms to a ceiling or wall vent If you have bulkheads, this is visually appealing and you can relax comfortable in the fact that this will supply your cooling and heating requirements. These systems are refrigerated with our signature brand being Panasonic whilst also supplying many other high end brands such as Mitsubishi, Actron, Fujitsu and Samsung.

How Do You Know What Size Unit

Our process at AAPL Air Conditioning is to discuss your requirements and how you live making your decision an informed one and one that you are comfortable with.


izone-2-3-presentingThe zones are your way of controlling which rooms receive the air and we have lots of choices of what you can control and how from a simple on/off controller to wi-fi enabled adjustable airflow controllers all covered by a 10 year warranty for your peace of mind. AAPL Air Conditioning can design you a system with sensors in every room and the choice of turning your refrigerated system into a fresh air system at the push of a button, great for those cooler nights, the zones and fresh air system save you on your energy costs.




All the brands AAPL Air Conditioning supply are covered by the manufacturers 5 year warranty and terms and conditions. We recommend a service is carried out every year to ensure your system is operating at its most efficient

Our 6 Point Promise

1- Clean up after themselves including sweeping up dust and debris
2- Remove all off cuts and rubbish from site
3- Reposition any furniture they move
4- Take the utmost care not to damage walls,ceilings,roof or floor coverings
5- Behave respectfully in your home or premises
6- Give full instructions on how to use your new air conditioning


Our brands and
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