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Evaporative Cooling Systems


Evaporative systems are a great solution for whole of home cooling, if you have a busy home with children running in and out then this is the system for you.

The evaporative units work by drawing air through water cooled pads and distributing it through ducts to your rooms, the doors and windows are left open to ensure the hot air gets pushed out.

We supply the Seeley range of air conditioners who were established in 1972 and include Coolair, Braemar and Breezair in their range of air conditioners

Commercial Evaporative systems

These are ideal for large warehouses and workshops to keep your workforce cool and increase productivity.

The commercial units are installed generally with a four or eight way plenum and depending on the size of your area you may require several.


Our brands and
range of services

We supply and recommend quality brands like Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Fujitsu in the refrigerated air-conditioning range.

The three air-conditioning solutions we offer are:

Wall Spilt Systems

Reverse Cycle to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. These are ideally suited to partial air-conditioning, like a room or two; say a lounge, family room, bedroom or office.

Fully Ducted Reverse Cycle Air-conditioning

Quiet, efficient and energy-saving this is the ideal solution for your whole home or a large portion of it. The vents are ceiling or wall mounted with a single operating unit located outside.

Evaporative Systems

The evaporative units we supply are the Seeley range of units which we find to be excellent units with reliability and great warranties to give our customers peace of mind.

All of our air-conditioning solutions are suitable for homes, units and small commercial buildings and offices.

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