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Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning

An evaporative cooling system by AAPL air-conditioning is the ideal solution for your whole home air conditioning. If you have a busy home with children and pets going in and out all day then ducted evaporative air conditioning systems are the perfect solution as these operate with the doors and windows open, the unit is positioned on your roof with a dropper which is attached to ducting and distributed to your rooms. The unit draws air through water cooled pads which is then fan forced to your rooms, the air inside your home is then forced out through the open doors and windows As always it is important to get the design and unit size correct, we service a large amount of units and often hear it doesn’t seem to do the job or not cooling in an area of the house, this is often down to a poor design or incorrect unit size which is where AAPL Air Conditioning excel in our designs and installation making sure you get the air where you need it. Ducted evaporative air conditioners do require a regular service to keep them clean and operating at their maximum efficiency

Commercial Air Conditioners

AAPL Air Conditioning install ducted evaporative air conditioning to warehouses and factories , the systems are a great solution for large open areas with doors open, the systems are usually installed on a larger dropper and terminated at a four or eight way plenum. The systems will keep your work premises cooler, your workers happier and hopefully increase your production.


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