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Panasonic are AAPL’s signature brand, boasting excellent performance and design. Our Panasonic range of air conditioners are extremely well manufactured and fitted out with high quality Japanese technology. They are reliable and long-lasting, and highly sought after by our loyal customers for homes and businesses across Perth and Western Australia.

Panasonic’s current range of air conditioners won the 2016 Canstar awards, setting them up as Australia’s favourite air conditioning manufacturer. Their range includes everything from simple wall split systems, to cassettes, multi head systems and the ducted reverse cycle systems. Each of the units come with unique features, ensuring efficiency without compromising on air flow.

At AAPL we stock Panasonic’s full range of air conditioners, and can advise you on the unit that best suits your needs. We understand that each of our customers have different preferences, and that your needs may change over time. As members of the Panasonic Specialist Air Network (SAN), AAPL can offer exclusive Panasonic products to our clients, as well as special promotions and a first-class warranty service from dedicated specialised technicians right here in Perth. We offer excellent warranties, a high level of service, and easy accessible repairs when needed.

Actron Air

Actron air units are a Australian owned and managed company and AAPL Air Conditioning are the Rockingham dealer, the units are a premium quality unit with an excellent energy rating due to their digital scroll compressor and variable fan speed technology, their ESP (Energy Smart Performance) range has the capacity to run down to 10% of its range making them a great unit for the customer with a large home who may want to run only one small area, the ESP range comes in the Plus, Ultima and Platinum.

The range is a great choice for the homes that require a large unit but have a single-phase power supply, their 18.64kw single-phase unit makes it one of the largest available.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is yet another brand recognised for its reliable, high quality air conditioning units. Their range is developed using the blue prints of aircraft technology, and their air conditioning systems are well known for their quiet and efficient operation. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is another brand that uses Japanese technology to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship and design.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ range of air conditioning units covers classic wall split systems, cassettes, multi head split systems and ducted systems for homes and businesses. Don’t be misled by the ‘Heavy Industries’ title; these units are created with both the residential home and big commercial space in mind. There are options for remote control and wired systems, and each unit has excellent range and air flow. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have an excellent reputation within the air conditioning industry, which is why we choose to work with and stock the brand at AAPL.


Fujitsu is another Japanese designed and manufactured company with a great reputation. Fujitsu air conditioning units are designed for both residential and commercial use, and provide an efficient system without compromising on great airflow – to ensure that your home or business is ventilated properly. At AAPL, we stock classic wall split systems, ducted reverse cycle systems, cassettes, and multi head split systems from Fujitsu.

Airstream Living Technology

Airstream Living Technology are a West Australian company who are our zone and duct supplier for all reverse cycle ducted systems. iZone, their climate control system gives you total control of the temperature of each room individually.

All of Airstream Living Technology’s controllers and zone motors are of the highest quality and are covered by an industry high 10-year warranty.


AAPL Air Conditioning have recently become a CoolBreeze dealer; their units are manufactured in Perth and cooling homes and businesses across Australia and exporting to over 35 countries. The evaporative systems are a ducted cooling form of air conditioning. CoolBreeze have an excellent reputation in the industry and have an industry high 10-year warranty when serviced by CoolBreeze.

If you are looking for an air conditioning system that delivers cool fresh air at an affordable price, then evaporative could be for you.

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