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Air Conditioning Specials

We have some great products available to add to your reverse cycle air conditioning systems, Did you know you can control your system from your smart phone with our Izone 311 Wi-Fi controller, a great feature If you want to switch your system on the way back from work so your home is cool when you return.

You can add individual sensors to your rooms for those who want an exact temperature control, these are available in three colors, white, black and opaque off white.

Are you worried about the running costs, If the system is sized correctly and used in a responsible manner you will be pleasantly surprised with the running costs.

If you want to really wow your friends and neighbours you could add the fresh air system available with the 311 zone system, at the push of a button you can change the air from conditioned to fresh air all through the same vents and ducts, this is great for those cool nights in summer when you only want fresh air.

When you order a 311 zone system we are giving away a tablet with this system while stocks last- snooze and you lose !!


Our brands and
range of services

We supply and recommend quality brands like Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Fujitsu in the refrigerated air-conditioning range.

The three air-conditioning solutions we offer are:

Wall Spilt Systems

Reverse Cycle to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. These are ideally suited to partial air-conditioning, like a room or two; say a lounge, family room, bedroom or office.

Fully Ducted Reverse Cycle Air-conditioning

Quiet, efficient and energy-saving this is the ideal solution for your whole home or a large portion of it. The vents are ceiling or wall mounted with a single operating unit located outside.

Evaporative Systems

The evaporative units we supply are the Seeley range of units which we find to be excellent units with reliability and great warranties to give our customers peace of mind.

All of our air-conditioning solutions are suitable for homes, units and small commercial buildings and offices.

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