Big Ass Fans Cool-Space 500 Evaporative Cooler

Product Description

The Cool-Space 500 is the most powerful, most durable and highest-performance evaporative cooler on the market today. It's the perfect solution for large spaces that need to be cooled in summer heat, such as warehouses, service bays, outdoor events and stadiums. With a 50-inch fan diameter and 9,700 CFM of air movement, it can reduce temperatures up to 33 degrees F.

The Cool-Space 500 is also equipped with a digital control panel and programmable timer, so you can set it to turn on when you need it most—and it includes a movement sensor that turns off the fan if no one is present or if the temperature exceeds your pre-set threshold. The 8-inch thick cooling media is treated with resin to maximize evaporation and durability.

This powerful machine is ideal for any commercial space with extreme conditions like those found in warehouses, service bays or outdoor events. And because it's portable, you can move the Cool-Space 500 wherever you need it most—even outside!

Upgraded Control Panel for Simple Cooling

While most evaporative coolers use simple dial controls, this one is packed with upgrades for easier and more efficient control. The remote control and digital onboard control panel feature:  

  • Occupancy Sensor: Turn on this mode for thought-free operation. A sensor on the model will detect activity and run as needed. 
  • Fan Control: Adjust the fan speed as needed based on your comfort. 
  • Manual Pump Control: Pump remaining water out of the unit for storing after use. 
  • Low Water Indicator: A notification light tells you if water needs to be refilled for continuous use. 
  • Timer: Set operation to run for 15 minutes and then shutting off automatically.

Largest Option for Extreme Conditions 

Easily reduce the temperature in your space by up to 33 degrees F to keep your guests or employees comfortable even in harsh summer weather: 

  • Powerful Cooling: Powerful 50-inch fan diameter moves air faster than comparable units. This fan moves air up to 9,700 CFM to maximize spot cooling right where you need it. 
  • Thick Cooling Media: The resin-treated cooling media that cools air is 8 inches thick, making it more effective at evaporating heat and more durable to last longer. 
  • Massive Water Tank & Continuous Fill: Large 64-gallon water reservoir with continuous fill means you’ll enjoy refreshing cool air for hours at a time. Add a hose for continuous use without having to refill the tank. 
  • Adjustable Cooling: Variable speed, totally enclosed .5 horsepower motor is tested before sale. Easily adjust the cooling speed with the knob on the control panel. 
  • Affordable to Run: Unlike many cooling options, evaporative coolers are inexpensive to run. They don’t use compressors; simply set it up and add a water source for immediate relief.

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