TRACS® Portable EZ-Air Purification System

Product Description

Do you suffer from allergy, asthma, or respiratory ailments? Are you tired of feeling like you're walking through a cloud of dust every time you walk into your home?

Then TRACS® Portable EZ-Air Purification System is for you! This multi-stage air cleaner combines certified hospital-grade HEPA filtration and activated carbon to effectively remove the indoor air contaminants that trigger allergy, asthma, and respiratory ailments in people young and old.

Designed for quiet operation and easy low-cost maintenance, EZ-AIR Select changes the way you live and breathe in your home and office.

Coverage: 1,875 sq. ft./hour; 937 sq. ft./30 minutes.

1.  Patented CarbonWeb® Merv 8 Pre-filter utilizes a proprietary blend of carbon to remove toxic odors, chemicals, gases, smoke odors, and VOCs.  The CarbonWeb® Pre-filters are designed to be changed every 6 months or sooner if you are exposed to constant odors and toxic gases. 

2.  Medical grade and certified true H13 HEPA filter with 80 square feet of media removes harmful dust, particulate, allergens, pet dander, and more at 99.99 percent efficiency.  Because there is no bypass around the HEPA filter, every EZ-AIR unit performs at HEPA efficiency. Proven to trap all know viruses and bacteria. Last up to 3-4 Years.

3.  A four-speed blower made exclusively for TRACS® offers the quietest and most efficient airflow on the market.  The new low “Whisp-Air” speed allows for silent operation while still maintaining hospital-grade efficiency.  Medium to High speeds create maximum air efficiency at noise levels suitable for residential and commercial use.

4.  Made in the USA from a heavy gauge steel that is welded together and features a powder-coated finish (custom colors available).  We offer a life-time guarantee on the frame and a 5 year warranty on everything else.

5.  Easy operation control panel has an indicator light to let you know when the unit is turned on with speed control knob.

Dimensions: 15.5" W x 15.5" D x 17.5" H; weighs 37 lbs; 120 volts; 60 Hz; single phase, 1 amp; 100 watts; 6 foot cord.

TRACS® Portable EZ-Air Purification System Key Features

  • Coverage 1,875 sq ft per hour, 937 sq ft every 30 mins
  • Activated Merv 8 Carbon Filter eliminating VOC’s
  • H13 Hepa Filter 99.99% efficiency at .3 Microns and last up to 3-4 Years
  • Four-Speed control including “Whisp-Air”, Dial in the exact ACPH required
  • All Steel Welded Construction with Powder Coat Finish
  • Eliminates- Viruses, Pet Dander, Smoke, Dust, Odors, Mold, Bacteria, Pollen, VOCs
  • 5 Year Mechanical Warranty

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