TRACS® TM950 HVAC Air Purifier with HEPA, UVC and Antimicrobial Prefilter

Product Description

The TRACS TM950 HVAC Air Purifier with HEPA, UVC and Antimicrobial Prefilter is the first Powered 3 Stage Air Purifier that offers a much cheaper alternative than upgrading your HVAC System to meet Ashraes Disinfection and Filtration recommendations for Schools, Buildings, etc.

This product is a convenient solution for mounting to exposed HVAC return ductwork, 2' x 4' Drop Ceiling or as a stand-alone Air Scrubber. The first feature of this product is wall-mounted controls for easy access. The second feature of this product is an antimicrobial pleated prefilter(s). The third feature of this product is certified HEPA filter. The fourth feature of this product is 22-inch germicidal UV-C lights (254 nm).

TRACS® TM950 HVAC Air Purifier with HEPA, UVC and Antimicrobial Prefilter Benefits 

  • USA Made 
  • 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty 
  • Free Shipping within the United States 
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee 
  • Affordable Replacement Costs with Auto-Refill Program


Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) employing UV-C light has been used as a means of destroying airborne bacteria and disease for years. Airborne microorganisms have been shown to be destroyed when subjected to certain levels of UV-C light at certain wavelengths (254nm).

Viruses may be small enough to slip by a HEPA filter, but most viruses are very susceptible to the effects of UV light. The UV lamps in the TRACS Manufacturing ceiling product line also radiate on the HEPA filter, where the dust, bacteria, and microorganisms are collected.

In HEPA-only systems, mold and microbial growth can occur on the HEPA filter, so HEPA filters must be replaced at least once per year (even if the HEPA filter is not clogged). If they are not replaced, the microorganisms can actually eat through the HEPA media (this is known as bacteria grow-through), and be dispersed throughout the room.

However, in the TM ceiling product line, given the HEPA filter is constantly bathed in UV light, mold and microbial growth cannot occur. As such, the HEPA filters in our systems can last up to three years (depending on particulate load), thereby lowering unit maintenance costs.

We patented the distance between the HEPA filter and UV-light and by having the UV shining on the “dirty” filter, all trapped microorganisms are deactivated, making it safer for the maintenance personnel to change and handle the spent filter.

In summary, UVGI is an effective and valuable secondary or backup technology for high risk infection control applications. Imagine what it could do for your gym, office, or home.

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